Blom Victorious Over Dwan in $400K Heads Up Battle

December 10, 2012

Poker fans from all around headed to Full Tilt Poker to marvel at Tom “durrr” Dwan and Victor “Isildur1” Blom battling it out, whereby Blom emerged the victor between the two Full Tilt sponsored pros. For his variant efforts, Dwan took home a whopping $100,000 stake in an online session that was over in less than three hours.

Dubbed “Dwan vs. Blom”, this is the latest edition of a series of battles that date back to 2009, when the pair began the occasional high-stakes battles that they are so well known for. Prior to the battle, both players had already joined Full Tilt’s “The Professionals” team, which is new and comprises of sponsored pros.

The straightforward set up required both Dwan and Blom to put up $100,000 each across four tables with bets of $100/200 NLHE, playing until one pro had stashed all the cash in his corner. Dwan had a pilot lead before Blom’s luck changed.

A total of 1,391 hands were played across six tables by the two players. Some of the largest hands, like second to last hand played between the two poker giants, bore witness to Blom rivering or turning flushes that resulted in Dwan losing some hefty pots.

Dwan was down to his last $4,000 on just one table by the time of the final hand, but he turned a pair of 10s while Blom’s held an A/3. The board was once again going Blom’s way when a turn landed him an Ace, and he acquired an even better hand to guarantee him a win. This was the climax of the challenge, and no spectator could say they didn’t see it coming from a mile away.

As the game drew to a close, the two players left the tables with a “gg” exchange, leaving the spectators to speculate on whether or not Full Tilt will host another match like this one as the increasingly popularity of challenges like these, similar to the matches Blom took part in on PokerStars, grows.


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