experiences indictments but business rolls on

October 29, 2009; the Panama City-based online gambling shop has experienced thirty individuals being indicted over this past week for unlawfully operating a sports betting enterprise. The Queens District Attorney’s Office claims they took in more than $567 million over a 28-month period.

Now, the BetOnLine representatives are insisting that the customers and their money accounts are still safe even after the 38-month investigation that was known as “Operation Betting It All” which climaxed with the arrest of the alleged “kingpin”, Joseph Fafone of Rochester, New York and the other indictments. Among the other indictments there are also low level and low paid company clerks.

Many of these arrested individuals have already been released on bail whilst the Queens DA is attempting to connect Fafone (caught while trying to catch a flight from Rochester to Panama City, Panama with $23,000 in cash) with the Gambino crime family.

BetOnlin reps commented; “ is absolutely NOT a credit shop. is a post up book, no different from or any other. The credit shop was a credit shop… completely separate business, completely separate ballgame, which does not affect the brand. As you can imagine, this is turning out to be a PR nightmare for us and our brand, but what happened in the US yesterday was not at all about – it was about the credit businesses. It’s a shame the news outlets had to spin it the way they did to make it the juiciest possible story for them. For us here at, it’s business as usual – customers are still getting paid, bets are still being made.”


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