troubles its clients

October 30, 2009, an online bookmaker licenced in Malta has been blown onto the media last week as they have encountered a lot of delayed payments claiming to amount up to €24,000. The company has blamed this backlog on a systems glitch that according to them ‘has been holding up payments and these said payments are now being made’.

Many complaints from various players and notifications about delayed payments reached the Lotteries and Gaming Regulation Authority in Malta who started off an investigation into the matter. Many have even categorized BetAfterBet as a “scam bookmaker” with sites giving off warnings to their existing clients and patrons.

The bookmaker was registered in Malta last July and now holds two LGA licences in Malta with its head office listed in Valletta and a mailing address in Sliema. The company officials say they do not employ staff in Malta but have one key official based on the island.

In the meantime have raised many worries with their online customers for the past weeks as the concerned patrons found that the website offers no phone number for customer support and their live chat has been offline during office hours as of late.

When confronted, BetAfterBet has pretty much denied all these allegations and has said that the backlog is just due to a glitch in their online system. The LGA is currently monitoring the payments process towards the players and is keeping this company under observation and their scrutiny “without prejudice to any further action that the Lotteries and Gaming Authority may deem necessary.”

The LGA commented further; “As is normal procedure to investigate player complaints, the LGA initiated investigations on Bonobet Ltd to ascertain the nature of player complaints; the initial findings of the investigations confirmed that Bonobet Ltd encountered payment difficulties. Bonobet Ltd has assured that the payment process of players has already been initiated and that the process shall be concluded within the next few weeks.”

Betafterbet left a statement about their ongoings saying that; “Betafterbet is far from a scam. We are operators who had a glitch in our systems that has hurt us financially; our mistake and we have to pay for it. We are committed to our clients and to paying them what is due. We are in communication with the LGA on this, and can assure you and your readers that we are anything but a scam.”

The bookmaker has now been scrutinised by which downgraded its rating for the gaming site from D+ to D last month, now appearing in the “poor” sportsbooks category holding risk to players’ funds and poor customer service, whilst also being placed on their “Avoid List”.

Sportsbookreview commented; “As of today, BetAfterBet owes €23,924.60 to 14 players. BetAfterBet has blamed delays on having to manually process payments requested via their software, and on the number of payments which have been requested.”

Although BetAfterBet is known to have said that the players money is safe and the delay of the payout are not due to financial difficulties of the company, articles such as “BetAfterBet scam drags Malta’s Gaming Authority’s credibility to the ground” have started to appear with many players complaining payments had not been made. They even urged the angered clients to go ahead and contact the LGA by publishing the regulator’s telephone numbers and e-mail address. Meanwhile the LGA is doing everything they can to monitor the situation and protecting the online players, having also withdrawn tens of existing licences through the past years whilst monitoring these operations.

BetafterBet is now trying to make up for these recent problems by offering a bonus to their players on a first deposit which would then be converted to cash but this just led to this bonus being miscalculated by the systems with players being credited in their accounts with money they had not yet converted from bonus to ‘real money’.

BetafterBet said; “We have now had to analyse all bets placed to ensure players get what is due to them and have started to effect payments. While the delay to pay players is regrettable, we can assure you that all players will be paid what is due to them. There may be slight delays as we are still analysing all transactions. We have communicated to this to all our players.”


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