Barry Greenstein’s Aston Martin Stolen

August 8, 2011

Poker pro Barry Greenstein had his car stolen Saturday. He kept his Twitter followers up to speed on the situation throughout the day. A little before 4:00 in the afternoon Pacific Time, he Tweeted, “I don’t think twitter can help with this but you never know: my Aston Martin DB9 was stolen from valet parking!”

Following tweets explained that his car had been taken from the Marriott in Mission Hills San Diego. He described his car, so that maybe his followers would be able to help him out. He asked them to be on the lookout for his olive green Aston Martin with plates that read “BG3.”

Over the next few tweets, he explained, “Guy came up to valet and said his name was Greenstein. Didn’t have a valet ticket. Flashed a california ID. The mariott manager said that valet parking is outsourced to a third party. I’m hope they’re still liable.”

This was all before Greenstein lost big in the mixed game at the Palomar Card Club later that night.

Later though, the car was returned by the driver and apparently there was an explanation for everything. The poser, who apparently knew what was written on the license plate, reportedly asked the valet for the car, and the valet gave it to him. After realizing he’d made a mistake, the valet made up the story about the man showing him an ID, etc. in efforts to keep from getting fired, but he was fired anyway. The driver had taken the car to have it detailed before returning it to the valet parking, trying to park it himself. Hotel security saw him and then called police. The perp was then arrested.

Greenstein tweeted, “The perp’s mother claimed he has mental issues and somewhat believes it’s his car. He is now in the hospital.”

Greenstein’s car was returned with no damage and was in fact cleaned.


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