Another WSOP Bracelet Win for the US

June 27, 2011

This year, despite speculation that attendance would be down, traffic at the World Series of Poker continues to be up from last year’s numbers. More than 51,000 people have already showed up to participate in the series, and these players represent more than 100 different countries, which just goes to show how trivial the Black Friday fiasco was in the grand scope of things.

Event #41, the $1,500 Limit Hold ‘em Shootout championship was carried out recently and awarded a WSOP title to Justin Pechie. In fact, this was Pechie’s first gold bracelet win. He was able to come out ahead of a 538-player field and win a $167K+ paycheck.

Twenty-six-year-old Pechie is a US player from Putnam, Connecticut and has been playing online poker for about six years. He is one of the many US poker pros that was affected by Black Friday, which threatened his income, but it didn’t stop him from coming to the World Series of Poker and taking home a bracelet. He now is considering moving to Canada to keep his day job at the online poker tables. Good thing he made it a priority to make it out to Vegas before he moved. With his WSOP payout, it’ll be much easier to afford the relocation expenses.

This tournament was the last of three shootout tournaments hosted at the WSOP this year. That means that the players advance in the tourney based on wins in a series of table matches. The format of a shootout tournament is single elimination. The number of matches you face depends on the amount of players who register for the tournament. The winner in this tournament had to win three consecutive tables to take the title, which Pechie did.


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