Another Mysterious Swede Now Playing at Full Tilt

February 14, 2011

A mysterious player showed up at Full Tilt Poker the other day and had the posters at 2+2 online poker forum buzzing. An unknown player, “Lindqvro” just happened to be taking Dan “Jungleman12” Cates by storm at the $25/$50 PLO tables. This Lindqvro had a lot of money and was using an ultra aggressive style to take Cates for quite a bit of money—somewhere in the neighborhood of $300K on four tables at once.

The fact that this unidentified player was from Sweden led many to believe that it was none other than Viktor Blom, who after recently signing with PokerStars, would not be able to use his regular handle “Isildur1” anymore, as rights to that name belong to PokerStars according to the sponsorship contract between Stars and Blom. After about five hours of posts on 2+2, poker community enthusiasts believed to have had it all figured out. The bankroll, the playing style, the “mysterious Swedish player” were all too familiar. Signs pointed towards Blom, who until recently was unknown to the world as Isildur1, but came out during the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, as a publicity stunt after signing a contract with the online poker room.

It is not yet known who Lindqvro actually is, nor is it clear whether or not he will continue to appear at Full Tilt Poker. Only time will answer these mysteries, but if it is Blom, it would seem as if he got some enjoyment out of playing in anonymity, which is already starting to be the first tell that it is him. If he wishes to continue to play in secret, he may have to take up a second residence somewhere. Eventually though, his secrecy will become familiar due to the fact that no one else just randomly shows up and then proceeds to play so aggressively and have the bankroll to back it up.


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