Another Cheating Scandal Involving Sorel Mizzi

February 28, 2011

It’s not the first time Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi has been accused of cheating at poker. Last August, the online poker forums have been buzzing about an IM chat between a supposed co-conspirator, Steve “thorladen” Weinstein, and Mizzi.

The alleged convo between the two discussed ways in which to violate the Terms and Conditions of online poker sites by using a common tool that allows access to a PC from another PC like the popular programs or These programs allow users to access computers from different locations via the IP address of the other computer.

Mizzi noted that use of these programs “revolutionizes teaching/ghosting in poker” and he also notes that they can be “used for multiaccounting.”

Fast forward about six months and a story has surfaced on 2+2 regarding a live game of Chinese Poker between Mizzi and John Racener at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The story goes that Racener caught Mizzi dealing off the bottom of the deck. Mizzi replied to the thread in an attempt to clear his name, denying the allegations and stating that he is “by no means a magician.” He even said after the WSOP this year, he will “seriously consider finding another job.”

According to Racener, Mizzi did beg Racener not to leak the story since they were the only two in the room when the incident occurred. The 48-page thread, “Sorel allegedly bottom dealing vs John Racener” remains active on 2+2.

It remains to be seen come July whether or not Mizzi will actually retire after the WSOP or if his true character will inevitably surface again. Either way he will eventually be outed for one shenanigan or another. Perhaps he will someday be banned from poker all together.


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