Abramovich loses yacht possession during poker game

May 7, 2009

Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire and the owner of Chelsea Football Club. As reported by the Russian newspapers, last Monday, he lost one of his yachts in a game of poker. This news prompted a bustle and strong denial from the oligarch state governing members.

Following three Russian daily newspapers who published various versions of this story, John Mann who is a spokesman for Roman stated to the AFP, “The story is absolutely, completely, entirely false.” The story is said to have originated in the Italian press.

Moskovsky Komsomelets, a popular daily in Russia commented that Abramovich lost the 500,000- US dollar yacht, part of his considerable personal fleet during a poker game in Barcelona. Abramovich is said to have been in Barcelona to watch Chelsea, his team playing there.

Mann goes one to say that Abramovich was not in Barcelona for the Chelsea match and says that the whole story is a fabrication. He said, “We have instructed our lawyers to examine legal action”. Abramovich’s yacht collection is considered to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars even named “The Roman Navy” in Britian.

The Russian newspapers also stated that Abramovich was already in trouble with his girlfriend Daria Zhukova due to his existing poker habits. They had in fact been a sore point between the couple for a while now. Abramovich now a billionaire, had made his fortune in Russia’s sell-off of state assets in the 1990s but was now turning his attention to online gambling.

The newspapers still haven’t provided the name of the yacht in question nor the source names behind this information. Meanwhile, Izvestia and Trud, another mass-cirulation daily newspapers in Russia also reported the story. They cited La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper La Repubblica as the source of the information.


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