888 Ready to Move into US Via Nevada

March 29, 2012

888, the UKs leading online poker firm, hopes to re-enter the US gaming market. Up until the whole UIGEA saga, 888 had a successful place in the US market, but pulled out when the US government cracked down on US-friendly poker sites.

888’s chief executive Brian Mattingley says that he is hopeful Nevada will be the earliest state to allow licensed intrastate poker.

Canaccord Genuity analyst, Simon Davies, says that 888 has undergone a great transformation over the past year.

Davies told the Daily Telegraph, “Brian Mattingley … has overseen the hugely successful re-launch of Poker 6, a pick up in new active customers and launch into Italy.”

The UK is 888’s main market, and it is one of the biggest Internet poker operators in the UK, which makes it all the more likely that the company will have proven success in the US market once the flood gates in the US market open up once again.


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