60 Billionth Hand Dealt at PokerStars

March 30, 2011

PokerStars foresaw their 60 billionth hand to be dealt before the month’s end, and so it came. The lucky 60 billionth hand winner was “Pogo650,” who took an added $102K on top of the winning pot that consisted of $150. The hand was dealt at a $5/$10 Limit Texas Hold ‘em cash game, and there were five other players in the hand. Each of them divvied up an additional $100K prize pool, four earning $21K and one getting $11K, based on their frequent player points earned while seated at the table.

It all went down on PokerStars at the reasonable hour of 9:35 am. EDT on a Tuesday morning. Pogo650 was holding a Q/3 offsuit when he won the hand with a 3 on the flop for a pair. He had re-raised before the flop forcing “DrPepel,” the following player, to fold, taking himself out of the running for any prize money. The remaining four opponents called, and then all players checked the flop of K/3/2. Pogo650 bet; the others called. Then this all happened again on the turn, a 6 and the river, a 9. By then, the pot was up to $150.

Pogo650 said after winning, “I think I can afford to change my old banger of a car now.”

This wasn’t the first milestone hand for Pogo650 though. He was actually lucky enough to hit two, commenting, “I’m possibly the biggest luckbox alive over the last week or so. Two losing sessions ended in milestone hands.”


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