50 Billionth Hand Fast Approaching at PokerStars

September 16, 2010

PokerStars online poker giant is fast approaching their monumental 50 billionth dealt hand and has a massive promotion to go along with it. Expected to fall some time near the close of this month, there are a lot of prizes to be won by they who are dealt it. What makes this even more exciting though, is that there’s no set prize value on the hand. The players who are dealt into the 50 billionth hand will win cash in direct relation to how many VIP points they’ve earned. Established cash values will also be awarded to all the participants in the game with the winner of the hand receiving the highest prize.

Each player who is dealt into the hand will earn $500. Also for each VIP Player Point each player has been awarded in the 50 previous hands, he/she will receive $500. Meaning if 5 VPPs had been earned in the last 50 hands, that player will get $2,000. In addition to the $500 and $500 per VPP, the hand winner will earn $50K! And these are straight up cash payouts that can be directly withdrawn from your player account immediately—not bonuses that you have to clear.

Also, a special tournament will take place on September 26, the World Championship of Online Poker. Each player dealt into the 50 billionth hand will get to play in that tournament.

Another facet of the 50 billionth hand promo is the Sit N Go tourneys running through September 25th. Another $50K will be awarded to the SNG event winner. These tourneys range in buy-in from $1.10 up to $55 and can accommodate up to 50 players. Other opportunities to benefit from PokerStars’ 50 billionth hand promotions include the Mega Milestone and specially designated freerolls. Don’t miss the chance to walk away with your piece of the $1 million in cash prizes that they’ll be giving away this month at PokerStars.


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