2012 Australian Poker Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

January 25, 2012

In honor of the Aussie Millions going on right now, the new inductees for the Australian Poker hall of Fame have been announced. The 2012 additions to the APHOF are Jason Gray and David Gorr, both longtime Australian poker old hands, who have earned their spot in this prestigious club.

Both Gorr and Gray have earned more than $1 in career tourney winnings and have been loyal to their country, making a majority of their bets in Australia, Gorr winning the 2011 Aussie Millions and Gray winning the 2007 Victoria Poker Championship.

Like the Poker Hall of Fame, the Australian counterpart requires that nominees meet certain criteria before they are considered for induction. First of all, the candidate must be a current or former resident of Australia or New Zealand. Also, he or she must have demonstrated outstanding and extended service to poker, bringing credit to Australian Casino Tournament Poker and/or having displayed significant player excellence.

Gorr found out about his acceptance into the APHOF just five minutes before receiving the exclusive title. Past inductees include Tony G, Joe Hachem, Lee Nelson, and Jeffrey Lisandro. The first inaugural class was in 2009 and included eight poker pros who met the criteria of the APHOF. The 2010 class consisted of one woman, Marsh Waggoner, and the 2011 class included Leo Boxell and Danny McDonagh.


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